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This has nothing to do with anything, but there’s a “ask these questions” meme going around, and one of them is “when you were a kid, what did you dress as for Halloween?”

Um I’m not doing the meme, but I really wanted to talk about this because I suddenly got this surge of memories haha.

My first costume ever was when I was like three or something, and I was Wolverine. Thinking back on this now, I realise how awesome my mama was for listening to her toddler daughter demand to be “X-MAN!”, shrugging, and saying “why not?”. Apparently some people, especially at the church Halloween function we attended, were like, “wait, why is your little girl dressed in a boy costume?” and my mama was basically just like, “no, get out, she wanted to be Wolverine and your arguments are invalid.” So I got to be “X-Man” and I love my mama for raising me to see that as completely normal - I never even thought to wonder about its normality until I was like in my rebellious preteens and I was like, “geez mom, why did you let me out looking like that, I hate you.” Oh, past me.

I was also the Pink Power Ranger like the year right after that, which again was completely my choice. I forget what the others were, but I distinctly remember a Nala costume because that was the year the boy I had a baby crush on in my kindergarten class came dressed as Simba, and I interpreted it as, “we were meant to be!!”.

So much nostalgia right now, ahhhh.

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